Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh Boy, I'm On Vacation....*Yaaawwn*

Been on vacation for over a week now at the apartment...*YAAAAAAAAWWN*...that I've become fully and completely bored. Two days ago I started counting things. I counted the blades on the window blinds, how many steps it takes from my litter box to the crow's nest, from the crow's nest to the fridge, the fridge to the litter box to the window perch, to Matt's bed, etc...

I miss seeing the scenery fly by at high speeds. It made me sick at first, and I had to bury my head under Matt's bunk pillow the first day on the road. But now I guess I've gotten so used to used to it, in fact, that I long for it. Is that strange? All day long I sit around the apartment doing nothing. Even my toys, once a source of frenzied excitement to me, have become symbols of imprisoned inertia. I feel like John McCain at the Hanoi Hilton...but without the torture...or bad food...or lack of a controlled indoor climate...or other horrid living conditions, etc... Have I taken on some mental illness that requires me to be "confused?" Do I need to go to Confuse-A-Cat Ltd.???

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I've Been Everywhere...

BUSTER: Hey, that was pretty good.

MATT: Johnny Cash? Yep. Pretty good.

BUSTER: I feel just like him. Since I've been in the truck with you it seems like I've been just about everywhere.

MATT: Everywhere but the great North West. I'm pretty sure you haven't been to Washington or Oregon yet.

BUSTER: You seem a little down... You okay?

MATT: Not really. I found out from my employer that the final decision has been made, and you will have to vacate the truck by the end of next March.

BUSTER: Hmmm. I see. Well, that gives us til next March at least. Are you leaving too?

MATT: I kind of doubt it. I'm going to have to find you a new home.

BUSTER: A new home? You mean back to the shelter, right?

MATT: Well, I'm kinda obligated by the contract I signed when I adopted you that I would return you to them if we have to part company. That's good in a way, because they can take their time screening people who want to adopt you. Plus, they aren't run by the county now. They're a private non-profit organization, and they're still a no-kill shelter.

BUSTER: No-kill? Well, that's a relief!

MATT: I'd say "screw 'em" if they were.

BUSTER: You remember it took over 11 months for someone to adopt me last time around. That was you.

MATT: Yes, but you have some advantages now. This time you come with a box of toys, my phone number if the prospect has questions, and that $159 crow's nest. You won't be mystery kitty anymore. You'll have a nearly full medical history (last 3 years) and dossier with feeding and medicine recommendations along with a personality profile I will create very soon. I also plan to volunteer there on my time off, once per month or so, to keep an eye on how you're doing until they find someone to adopt you.

BUSTER: All that and a bag of hairball treats, eh?

MATT: I will hold onto you as long as I can and not part with you easily. You have been a true blessing for me since the day I adopted you. And you will surely be missed...

BUSTER: The feeling is mutual. But you know, a lot can happen between now and then. I mean, although not likely, what if another company buys your employer and feels differently about pets?

MATT: I dunno.

BUSTER: Or what if your friend Paul is right about fuel prices being a bubble about to burst, and the prices go down a bit, boosting the economy? You could probably find a job with a company that allows cats and get time under your belt until the real recession hits.

MATT: When did you get so smart?

BUSTER: All that XM Radio you listen to, I listen to, too.

MATT: But what if March comes around and I have to give you up?

BUSTER: Then you have to give me up... Look, I know you won't put me in a situation where my life is in danger. The shelter sucked before, but it wasn't THAT bad. And by then we will have had 3 and a half good years together. It's been quite a trip, to tell you the truth. I don't even think the other cats will believe me when I tell them I've been everywhere... But in all honesty,...if you weren't with me I don't think I'd want to live in a truck the rest of my life. I was a stray once so I'll probably never be allowed to roam outside again,...but to have that crow's nest everyday to jump up in with a view outside.... I might not mind if my new owner is an old lady who smells funny and wears flowery dresses. You know?

MATT: I know.

BUSTER: I'll be okay, in other words... How 'bout you?

MATT: I feel a little better about this now. Thanks.