Monday, February 9, 2009


Sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but I count on Matt to do the typing while I dictate, and Matt hasn't been doing any typing AT ALL!!! He seems to be thinking about other things these days, and doing an awful lot of reading and stuff. It's all about the same subject: Catholicism!

Yes, it looks like Matt is going Catholic. Who would've guessed? He spends hours praying with that necklace thing with the cross at the end of it, but won't let me play with the beads. He says I'll swallow them. Well, of course! That's the whole point of playing with them.

MATT: It's called a Rosary.

BUSTER: So you took the thorns off?

MATT: It doesn't have thorns. It's just a Rosary... We use it to keep track of where we are in our prayer-meditation.

BUSTER: Like Yoga? I hear you chanting while you do it.

MATT: We aren't chanting. We are praying out loud over and over again, while meditating on the mysteries of faith.

BUSTER: Whodunit's? I love a good mystery...

MATT: I think I need to educate you about a few things---

BUSTER: Don't bother. I'll just watch you. Hey, are you going to have me blessed at that St. Francis Feasty thing?

MATT: I wonder if there's a catechism for cats.

BUSTER: Oh, I did that shortly after I was born. They called it Kittychism.

MATT: Kittychism?

BUSTER: Yup. I learned all about the Seven Scratchposts, the resurrection of the body...nine times, and the indulgences (hairball treats). I was even confirmed at the Church of the Sorrowful Meaooow.

MATT: Who taught you to be such a smart-ass?

BUSTER: (Stares at Matt and smiles)

MATT: I see... I think you're jealous.

BUSTER: And why is that?

MATT: Because I finally came home. I've been wandering the wilderness for years on end, spending most those years angry at God. Now I'm picking up where I left off at age 7, getting my first Communion at Easter Vigil, and my confirmation at Pentecost.

BUSTER: You were angry at God? That doesn't sound good. Glad I didn't know you back then.

MATT: It wasn't good. And I wasn't much fun to be around either, except when I had a few beers in me.

BUSTER: Oh, brother! Okay, I'll try to be more supportive then.

MATT: That would be nice. But either way, I am out of the wilderness and back home where I belong.