Monday, December 31, 2007

New Fred Thompson Video

BUSTER: Okay, so whose that talkin'? Is it you?

MATT: Does it sound like me?

BUSTER: No, I guess not. He drawls too much.

MATT: That's right. It's not me. Its some guy named John Hawkins from Right Wing News. He did a good job with this, I think.

BUSTER: Yeah, he di--- whoops! What's that about children and puppies? Children scare me...and I can't stand those idiot drooling canines at any age!

MATT: Hmmm.... Not to worry. It says "...people who hate children and puppies. You aren't people.

BUSTER: (looking suspiciously at Matt) You trying to tell me something?

MATT: (rolls eyes) Nope.

Siricomm Pinheads Run For The Exits

Either I or Matt have mentioned problems in the past with getting online while on the road, not having much in the way of good WIFI from which to choose. The few good choices remain the same...but they'll be a little more lonely. For the worst of them has declared bankruptcy!!!

They are/were the biggest truck stop WIFI outfit in the country, and the most expensive. But they were also the most unreliable and pathetic bunch of hacks in the industry. I am speaking of Siricomm, which, until recently, could be found at nearly every Pilot, Petro, or Loves truck stop in the country. As of 12-29-07 they are history, along with hundreds of employees, most of whom had not been paid in nearly a month.

So what happened? Well, like Boston Market...a good idea at first, they pitched their tents in too many places and let quality go by the wayside. Siricomm could be found in more than three times the truck stops as the nearest competitor, but had all kinds of technical issues, not the least of which was poor reception on mildly cloudy days. The problem was that everything was done via satellite. Some WIFI providers use cell towers, others use underground cables to connect the truck stops with the host provider before beaming the signals to individual customers (most of whom sat in their trucks in truck stop parking lots). Siricomm beamed from their base in Joplin to satellites, and from satellites to truck stops, who beamed to customers. Along the way any storm, or approaching storm, or clouds, or approaching clouds, or pooping seagulls, or lost parakeets flying by would interrupt the signal causing the trucker much anguish.

The other problem was the cost. Siricomm was charging $189.00 for a year's worth of WIFI when other companies were charging $120.00 to $150.00 with far better service and 54 Mbps (vs. Siricomm's mere 11 Mbps). The only question I have at this point is this: How did they last this long???

My thanks to Matt for doing the typing and most of the research on this while I ate my ProPlan Hairball treatment cereal. Yum-yum.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My Christmas Letter To All My Friends And Relatives

Well, this year was a horrible year with all kinds of suffering and strife. Guess Ill start at the beginning. I threw up so much this year I thought I was gonna die. Then Matt yelled at me a lot when I was bad. Then I threw up some more and saw a dog poop in a parking lot and got away with it. We stayed at lots of motels, some good, some not so good. And then-----

MATT: (interrupting) This isn't really your Christmas letter, is it?

BUSTER: Yes,...I wanted to be honest about things and---

MATT: (interrupting again) It doesn't sound very honest when you only mention the bad things. There were some pretty good things that happened this year.


MATT: Like the fact that the good vet found a medication that stopped you from all that puking. In fact you haven't puked once since December 3rd.

BUSTER: You're keeping score?

MATT: Sure. Its what I do. You could have also mentioned the new apartment we got last week with the huge windows you love...

BUSTER: Yes....and the birds (looking into space)....oh the birds. So mannnny biiiirrrrdddss. And the window sills are so deep. Lots of room for me.

MATT: And what did you get for Christmas early??

BUSTER: That was my Christmas present? Oh. I got a crows nest.

MATT: Yes! And you loved it!

BUSTER: Yes yes yes. Okay, I love it a lot.

MATT: Too bad I didn't get a picture of you in it. Will do so next time.

BUSTER: Its so tall! I'm as tall as you when I lay in the top level.

MATT: Almost.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Wake Up!

MATT: Now that's what it's like in the truck every morning...minus the baseball bat.

BUSTER: I don't have any idea what you're talking about.