Monday, December 31, 2007

New Fred Thompson Video

BUSTER: Okay, so whose that talkin'? Is it you?

MATT: Does it sound like me?

BUSTER: No, I guess not. He drawls too much.

MATT: That's right. It's not me. Its some guy named John Hawkins from Right Wing News. He did a good job with this, I think.

BUSTER: Yeah, he di--- whoops! What's that about children and puppies? Children scare me...and I can't stand those idiot drooling canines at any age!

MATT: Hmmm.... Not to worry. It says "...people who hate children and puppies. You aren't people.

BUSTER: (looking suspiciously at Matt) You trying to tell me something?

MATT: (rolls eyes) Nope.

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