Sunday, September 30, 2007

Zzzzzzzzzz....Happy Anniversary.....zzzzzzzzzz

Aaaaaaahhhh. Now this is more like it. Curled up by the window....on a chair....covered by the bedspread so I don't claw the crap outa the chair....snoozing away.....until Matt comes along with that stupid camera....

MATT: Sorry to bother you, bud.

BUSTER: Oh,...really?

MATT: Yes,...I am. Enjoying the good life?

BUSTER: Trying.

MATT: Okay, I'll leave you alone for a bit.

BUSTER: Great idea.

MATT: Oh, and one more thing....

BUSTER: *Sigh*...What?!?

MATT: Happy Anniversary!

BUSTER: Oh yeah?

MATT: Yep,'s been exactly two years since I adopted you from a life of squalor at the Easton, PA shelter (SPCA).

BUSTER: Oh,...the nut-house. Yes, I remember. I wonder if Cookie is still there. She used to growl when she got picked up....otherwise very friendly.

MATT: Yes, I remember....Would you like to go back and visit your friends?

BUSTER: Heck no! Most of them probably got sent to Korean restaurants by now.

MATT: They don't do that!...But some who weren't adopted....I dunno....maybe they had know.

BUSTER: Yes,...I know...(puts paw to throat and makes gagging noise). I remember I was there almost a year before I got chosen.

MATT: Yeah. Must've been all that dry heaving you were doing.

BUSTER: Hairballs! They were hairballs and I couldn't bring them up. I must've looked awfully good otherwise....for you to choose me.

MATT: Yep,...a combination of looks and personality. Besides,... you chose me, too. That's the main thing I was looking for.

BUSTER: Well, I was desperate.

MATT: I see.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Belly Shaved And Wallet Fleeced

Uuugggghhhhhh!!! Yesterday I spent hours...I mean several hours in that plastic prison cell...a kennel, Matt calls it...due to several mishaps.

It started when Matt and I pulled into a certain customer's facility (customer shall remain nameless), and got delayed. Then we drove a couple of hours to the terminal and then the hotel, where Matt was told our room was given to someone else (even though Matt reserved it with his credit card). Oops! So we drove down to Malvern, PA where we were put in the handicap room with a microwave 2 feet above the floor. Great for me, not for Matt.

That was yesterday. This morning we missed our Nissan service appointment to fix the blower thing in the car and couldn't get it rescheduled before we return to the road (in the truck). While at the vet (appointment rescheduled) this afternoon Matt spent $500.00+ so the vet could shave my belly and do an ultra-sound. They found nothing but bright light shining around the divider between my small and large intestines. No bezoars or anything at all in my stomach. No tumours or anything like that. Just shiny sphincters in my entrails, for which I received a steroid shot in the rear. Yeeoowww!!!! But fortunately I was gassed for most of this humiliating experience. Hopefully this will stop me from vomiting so often.

Now I'm relieved to be out of the truck after 5 hours today, driving from Malvern to Bethlehem, being man-handled, and driving back to Malvern. Good thing I fasted or there would be a terrific mess in that plastic prison cell.

Got to eat when we got to the hotel. Now all is peaceful again.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Fight The Good Fight...

BUSTER: Oh, yeah....gotta love that profile of mine!

MATT: Hmm, okay. But what are you doing on MY side of the truck? You plan on driving soon?

BUSTER: No, I was just waiting for YOU to come back from wherever you went. What do those two signs say, anyway?

MATT: Well, one says you blog for Fred Thompson. We,...actually. And the other warns people not to go near you for your nasty disposition.

BUSTER: That's not true! I'm very sociable and you know it. And what a poor likeness. I have more white on me than that. And what's with all the bug guts on the window? Couldn't you clean the windshield just for the picture?

MATT: Nope. All the squeegies were broken at the last fuel stop.

BUSTER: So where are we going now?

MATT: To Chattanooga....and then somewhere else...and then to Allentown-Bethlehem, but not before Ahmadinejad escapes from New York.

BUSTER: Who???

MATT: The Iranian know the whack-job who thinks the Holocaust didn't happen...and he wants to destroy Israel and the US. I was just saying we won't get to the greater NYC area before he leaves. I really wanted to go to the UN Building and shout insults at him as he comes and goes.

BUSTER: I see.

MATT: Plus, maybe I'd get to meet Pamela Geller. I'm sure she's be there with a whole gang to protest this Hitler-clown.

BUSTER: But why are you so worked up?

MATT: Buster,...just picture a big stinky dog pissing in your litter box...or better yet, your water dish!

BUSTER: Is he drooling too?

MATT: Yes he is!

BUSTER: (seething with anger) Oooooooh, I'd scratch him good! (swiping the air with open claws).

MATT: Good kitty! But we would try to be a little less violent with the Iranian President, even though he deserves to be scratched...and then some.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Porter, IN

Today was a very relaxing day at Porter, IN. Matt and I took advantage of the 34 hour restart option that is still legal at this time, which resets our hours of service back to 70 available hours (for the next 8 days, starting tomorrow).

It seems that certain people would like to see the entire hours of service improvements thrown out the window, so we can go back to 8 hour breaks, 10 hour driving shifts and 15+hour work days. Matt says that sounds like crap, that 8 hours isn't enough time to sleep, shower, eat, do your business, and unwind. I tend to agree. More on this later...

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Fred Up By 8 Over Rudy

Matt just told me he saw a Rasmussen poll that shows our guy, Fred Thompson, up by 8 points over Rudy Giuliani. That's great, but I'll bet Rudy starts scratching like an angry kitty, now.

Gotta go! Matt sez we gotta get up to Michigan by 5pm and we won't make it, so we gotta apologize a lot to the dispatcher and stuff. Wait a minute....gotta catch a fly.....(claw...stuffing in mouth...gulp)...there. Where was I?....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fred's Formal Announcement

BUSTER: Okay, here it is.

MATT: You sure?


Fundraising For Fred

Matt is taking a well deserved nap, while I fumble with the keyboard trying to figure out how to post a You Tube video of Fred Thompson. I'll see if I can find a new one for ya. Not that we're gonna be all Fred all the time....but since he has officially thrown his hat in we should get with the program.

You may have noticed that button on the right just above the blog archives. Yes, we're taking contributions for Fred! Of course we don't see one dime of that money...but if we raise enough dough for him Matt might get appointed to some patronage job like Secretary to the UN or ambassador to Cleveland....or something that would get us outa the truck. Sometimes it's just too much for me, being a cat and all...bouncing up and down on the dashboard. Hey, maybe Secretary of Transportation so Matt can fix those bumpy roads that make me vomit my cereal. There. Those are enough reasons to donate. All that and the war on terror and stuff. 'Cause we can't earn a living if our cities are blown up by angry Muslim extremists who want us to dress and pray like they do...and beat up on women and chop off limbs and stuff. So donate, okay?

MATT: Hey Buster!...Don't you think maybe you should be more positive when asking for donations?

BUSTER: No! This is working. I've raised $100 already! Look (pointing to totals).

MATT: Uh...that looks like the $100 I gave earlier this afternoon, bud.

BUSTER: Then what are you complaining about? It worked, see?

MATT: And what the heck is all this stuff about patronage jobs? Do you really think I'll be running the UN if we raise substantial money?

BUSTER: Yup! And I know you can't wait so you can have the building demolished and the auslanders sent home.

MATT: Oh...uh huh...... So which You Tube are you going to post? The 15 minute one?

BUSTER: Yeah, sure...why not? It's a little lengthy for a You Tube video, but not long at all for a speech. Besides, people gotta know why Fred got in.

MATT: True.

MATT: That's not the speech!!! That's a commercial from Australia.

BUSTER: Okay okay okay...okay. Uh...let me work on it.

MATT: Awwwwwwee...those meerkats are cuuuuute.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Patience Patience Patience

BUSTER: Are you ready? Are you ready already??? (tapping paw repeatedly).

MATT: Almost,...I just gotta finish posting in YOUR blog.

BUSTER: (impatiently) It's almost noon! We were supposed to leave out at 8am! At least you remembered to feed me.

MATT: Okay, okay! Almost done.

BUSTER: (more impatiently) You've been on that stupid computer all morning! Don't you know it's Later Day weekend??? We could be killed if we have to rush through it.

MATT: That's Labor Day weekend. And we still have time. Don't sweat it, kitty. Hey, Fred's announcing next week!

BUSTER: He's another one! You two take forever to do anything.

MATT: Well, we both believe in doing things right! Remember? "not on their time schedule, but OURS!"

BUSTER: (sarcastically) Welllll,'s time to go NOW.

MATT: Yes,...I think you're right.......Hey, you know you moved up to "slithering reptile" on the TTLB ecosystem?

BUSTER: Oooh,....really? Cool, I guess. Does that mean more readers?

MATT: Well, it means more links...which mean more possibilities for people to be exposed to the possibility of clicking on said link to arrive here...

BUSTER: Hmmmm......ARE YOU READY NOW?!?!?!?

MATT: Almost,...just have to include something from You-Tube about Fred.

BUSTER: *Sigh*