Sunday, September 30, 2007

Zzzzzzzzzz....Happy Anniversary.....zzzzzzzzzz

Aaaaaaahhhh. Now this is more like it. Curled up by the window....on a chair....covered by the bedspread so I don't claw the crap outa the chair....snoozing away.....until Matt comes along with that stupid camera....

MATT: Sorry to bother you, bud.

BUSTER: Oh,...really?

MATT: Yes,...I am. Enjoying the good life?

BUSTER: Trying.

MATT: Okay, I'll leave you alone for a bit.

BUSTER: Great idea.

MATT: Oh, and one more thing....

BUSTER: *Sigh*...What?!?

MATT: Happy Anniversary!

BUSTER: Oh yeah?

MATT: Yep,'s been exactly two years since I adopted you from a life of squalor at the Easton, PA shelter (SPCA).

BUSTER: Oh,...the nut-house. Yes, I remember. I wonder if Cookie is still there. She used to growl when she got picked up....otherwise very friendly.

MATT: Yes, I remember....Would you like to go back and visit your friends?

BUSTER: Heck no! Most of them probably got sent to Korean restaurants by now.

MATT: They don't do that!...But some who weren't adopted....I dunno....maybe they had know.

BUSTER: Yes,...I know...(puts paw to throat and makes gagging noise). I remember I was there almost a year before I got chosen.

MATT: Yeah. Must've been all that dry heaving you were doing.

BUSTER: Hairballs! They were hairballs and I couldn't bring them up. I must've looked awfully good otherwise....for you to choose me.

MATT: Yep,...a combination of looks and personality. Besides,... you chose me, too. That's the main thing I was looking for.

BUSTER: Well, I was desperate.

MATT: I see.


Omnibus Driver said...

The Divine Miss Marilyn and I wish you the happiest of anniversaries!

Buster Kitty said...

Thanks to you both.

Hmmmmm...not she single?

Omnibus Driver said...

Sorry to take so long in responding. Yes, she is single. And she travels, too!

Buster Kitty said...

Is she a trucker cat? Or does she really ride around in that antiquated looking bus?

Omnibus Driver said...

No, she's not a trucker kitty. She does go with me when I go out of town for more than a couple of days, though. She's got a collapsible tent big enough to hold a small littler box, bed, and food dish, that fits into the back of my small SUV. She's very good company on the road!