Sunday, December 26, 2010

End Of Year Rant and Whine

Since we are close to the end of the year, I figured I should do a year-end post for Matt, since I've posted nothing since October. So I suppose I should recap what happened to us this year. Well, nothing much, really, except whatever I posted already.

Christmas kinda sucked here, in that Matt and I were both sick. Matt spent time in bed with mucus lungs and I slept an awful lot with my own upper respiratory infection, for which Matt has given me Clavamox or something. It's a pill that he forces into my mouth twice daily immediately followed by drowning with water. Yeah, really fun times here.

It's the first winter in our new truck that was slammed into VERY shortly after we acquired it. And that might explain why it's so drafty, and why Matt and I are both sick, in spite of the weather-stripping he did on the side box door.

Matt missed Confession and Mass Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (today) due to illness. I learned how to get into the garbage under the sink, making a couple of messes that got Matt really angry. Now he has something heavy propped in front of the garbage door. I need to eat much more in order to move it.

On the brighter side, the tree sure looks nice. The car still runs okay, the booklice are hibernating or dead, Matt still has a job, my litter box was cleaned today, and the heat works here.

We are praying that next year is better than this past one.