Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Birthday. I'm Eleven Years Old Now.

I only have a moment or two....  

Just wanted to let all of my wonderful readers to know that although I am dealing with new medical issues, I am still alive and relatively well.  I just turned 11 years old on the 17th of March, sharing birthday celebrations with Matt, my manservant.

Things have gotten better with the Prednisolone treated Inflammatory Bowel disease, in that I am now receiving Gormeds which are like little treats only they're actually medicine.  I can't wait to be medicated now and look forward to receiving them twice daily.  And they really work.  I don't vomit much at all these days.

Also, I am eating DD formula by Hill's Prescription Science Diet.  The ZD is out the window at high speed since my nose started swelling for no apparent reason.  Flavors include duck with split pea and venison with split pea or something.  They had rabbit flavored for a while but discontinued when they found out I loved it.  And so it goes.