Monday, January 28, 2008

Buster Gets The News On Fred...Finally

BUSTER: Ahhh. Finally home....up in my crow's nest. The only thing better would be if I had a crow with me to chew on. *Sigh*

MATT: I'm afraid I have some bad news.

BUSTER: (commanding) Out with it!

MATT: Yes, master. (laughing) You know, you're making this easier to tell you.

BUSTER: (seriously) What is it?

MATT: Fred Thompson withdrew from the campaign. His numbers were pretty bad in South Carolina, so he dropped out.

BUSTER: (disbelief) HE DIDN'T!

MATT: He did. In fact he did it almost two weeks ago.

BUSTER: Two weeks ago?!?!? Why didn't you tell me sooner?

MATT: You weren't feeling well, and I figured I'd better wait 'til we get back into town and get settled in.

BUSTER: Oh, is THAT what you thought? (deeply offended) You know, I would've wanted to call him with my condolances or send him a message or something...

MATT: Yeah, that was the other reason...I guess.

BUSTER: I'm not talking to you anymore! (turns his back)

MATT: Aw, come on...

Right about here was supposed to be a short video of me in my crow's nest ignoring Matt. Unfortunately both You-Tube and Blogger failed to allow us to post this video. It wasn't too long or obscene. We don't know what the heck their problems were. Sorry.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Joys Of Traveling For A Living...

MATT: Feeling better, bud?

BUSTER: (looking a little green) Uuugghhh! I guess so….a little bit.

MATT: Sorry about the bumpy road. You’d think Florida would have nicer pavement due to the lack of ice and snow.

BUSTER: (looking at vomit on rug) What do you want me to do with this?

MATT: Throw some sawdust on it and I’ll scoop it up later.

BUSTER: We don’t have any sawdust. All we have are pages from USA Today I scratched up.

MATT: Forget it. I’ll pull into that rest stop and clean it up. (steering rig to off-ramp….gliding into rest area). There we are. (pulls into parking spot and sets break [loud hissing sound])

BUSTER: (squints) I hate that sound. (looks at food dish) I’m hungry. Would yah fill my food dish please?

MATT: Not a good idea.

BUSTER: Why not? I’m starving. (yawns and licks chops)

MATT: (applying paper towels to mess and scooping it into waste basket) Because you just threw up and your stomach can’t take food yet. You’ll bring it back up within minutes.

BUSTER: Well, then I’ll just keep eating until I stop throwing up. (smiles and nods head)

MATT: What a great idea. Boy, Buster I can’t figure out sometimes why you aren’t the one driving and I’m not the one playing with your catnip toys.

BUSTER: Yes. I should be in charge. And then YOU can march into the plastic kennel for meowing so much at night.

MATT: Back to reality.

BUSTER: (lowers head) Okay… Sure is a lot warmer today.

MATT: That’s because we’re getting close to Orlando. But don’t worry. We’re getting another load tonight going right back into the snow.

BUSTER: Brrrrrr. Where to?

MATT: Palmyra, PA

BUSTER: Hey, that’s close to home, right?

MATT: Yup. And we’ll get to spend a night at our new apartment. But then we gotta go again.

BUSTER: *sigh* I guess one night is better than none. And you can move all that stuff out of here to make more room.

MATT: Oh yes, the furniture. That will be moved out promptly. It’s driving me nuts, too.

BUSTER: Glad to see I wasn’t the only one…..(looking at rug) You missed a spot.

MATT: And in a couple of weeks we can take some real time off,

BUSTER: Two weeks?

MATT: No, more like 4 to 5 days.

BUSTER: Wow, that’s a month and a half.

MATT: No, not 45 days. Four… to… five of them. We’ll take our two-week vacation in late Spring. And we’ll stay home at Club Buster.

BUSTER: Lovely.