Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive, Ah Ah Ah

Mea Culpa and all that Latino stuff!  Matt and I have been preoccupied with staying alive and well, or mostly well, which we mostly are.  Comments have been updated thus far and I'm posting anew.

Life is strange and unpredictable.  Vets are even funnier sometimes.  After nearly dying back in August Dr. Ladyvet gave me a wunderschotzen to my hinterland with a long needle and syringe full of purple fluid.  It worked.  I got better.

Months later around December while the Baytril OTIC was working its magic on my ears by keeping me uninfected, the upper respiratory infection roared back.  So in January we returned and Dr. Ladyvet gave another antibiotic sticking to my rumpus with .... clear fluid???... which did absolutely nothing.  WTF???  Matt paid her just the same.  WTF???  Anyway today is a better day.  We're home...for now. Tomorrow we shove off down the road again where I'll get stuffed up a lot.  But I have energy and a reasonably bright future ahead of me.  Perhaps even more blogging now that things are looking up.  Who knows?  Better get better pictures than this one, MATT!!!