Saturday, August 1, 2009

Number Of Options Is Declining

Sorry it has been so long since posting in my blog, but Matt hasnt wanted to deal with this since realizing I might have to grab my stick and handkerchief and hit the road like a hobo.

It was discussed between us that I might be okay at the shelter once I had to vacate the truck. But recently in the Atlanta area Matt had to drop me off at a pet resort for about 20 hours or so while he attended a safety meeting. Guess he wasn't allowed to idle the truck for A/C for me while he was in the all-day meeting, so I got to cool my claws in a large cage all day and night. I don't really remember much about what happened, except that I was really angry and tried to scratch everyone who came near me, even Matt when he picked me up. But I calmed down when he took me back out to the truck where everything was familiar. I guess I have gotten so used to things being the same all the time that I flip out over change. But the lady at the resort claimed I was upset over being caged. Hmmm. Is that not what they do at shelters? I seem to remember being caged at the shelter almost 4 years ago when Matt rescued me.

So Matt and I are still going over our options. The economy has tanked and freight is very slow, especially in the North East where we live. So much for a local driving job...

Thinking about getting Matt to create an advertisement of some kind offering me up for adoption and spreading it locally. Hate to resort to that so soon. Anybody got any ideas????