Sunday, June 24, 2012

Trashy Trucker Pigs Invade Walmart At Ottawa, IL

I know the headline is provocative, but I'm kinda angry at the other truckers I see here in this parking lot.  

Today I told Matt I needed supplies, like kitty litter and toys.  He agreed and asked me if he could buy stuff for himself, too.  I said okay.  When we got to Wally World we were shocked to find SIX shopping carts full of trucker trash.  Sometimes we see one with junk in it, but SIX???

This is the Walmart in Ottawa, IL at exit 90 on I-80, a favorite for truckers because Walmart doesn't enforce the "no semi" rule regarding parking in their lots.  It's good for us because things cost half as much at Walmart as opposed to truck stops that seem out to gouge us.

Many Walmarts throughout the country have banned truck parking for all trucks not owned by Walmart because of behavior like this by truckers.  They have security cameras in the lot, so why not ban individual companies caught littering?  That's a mystery.  Guess it's easier to ban everyone.  And that's just what they'll do if these rookies don't clean up their act.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Shooting Snot Means Shot In The Rump!

For the past 3 months or so I've been doing a lot of sneezing and....  Yeah, another health issue, okay?  I know, it's all I talk about.  But I'm almost 11 years old now so that's all I think about.  Sorry if I'm boring you or grossing you out..... 

Where was I?  Sneezing, that's right.  Okay, I was doing a lot of sneezing.  And sometimes when I do that the fluid that goes shooting from my nose gets all creamy and snotty.  And it goes everywhere because I shake my head when I sneeze.  Sometimes I wind  up with it on my whiskers, sometimes on my legs, my back, or even on top of my head.  It's really disgusting, so Matt gives me a pill twice a day for a week or two to get rid of it:  Clavamix or something like that.  

But with two tries with that drug that's suppose to kill the germs making me sneeze, nothing was happening.  Matt says I built up a resistance to it.  So he kept wrapping me in a towel and not using the A/C so much.  But even that didn't help.  So I got to go to the ...VET... today.

Now I don't get this, but considering the snot was coming out my nose, she didn't spend a lot of time up front.  No, she had to fiddle with the back end.  First I was held down for unspeakable crimes against my ...well, where I got my temperature checked.  Then I was held down again and a big ol' needle was stuck in my hip, like that's where the snot came from.  It's all a mystery to me.  I think I put up quite a fight as to make all furry creatures proud, because it was very painful getting stuck with that thing.  But tonight I'm supposed to feel better and the snot disappears.  In the meantime I'm walking with a slight limp.  Try not to stare.