Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ick!!! Back On The Road. Vacation Over!

Whaaa... Are we back on the road already? Vacation over? Crap!

Yeah, it's over and I gotta go bumpty-bump all day long. Then whenever Matt has to idle the engine to charge up the battery things for the cooler and stuff, I gotta cool my jets in the kennel. Back to prison. That's what it feels like.

Last week we spent the night in Mississippi, the land of mosquitos, and Matt got bit about 50 times on his legs. Even in the truck with the doors shut, those little blood-suckers were flying around like they owned the place. Matt was clapping his hands in the air and killing them for hours. Still, when we went to bed, there were still a few wily ones flying around, too quickly for the clapping. I couldn't help because my specialty is in catching flies. Mosquitos just don't seem enticing to me. Go figure.

Yesterday Matt stopped at Wally-World and bought some OFF. Yeah, the bug spray for humans to spray on themselves. But Matt also sprayed it all over the truck. Later on that night I puked...likely from the vapors. But the mosquitos hidden in the nooks and crannies fell dead.

A few days ago I saw Laredo,TX for the first time. We didn't go too close to the border, but I got the gist of things when we went through the border-patrol stop. Lots of barking dogs and stern looks. Sure looks like those guys are working hard. I hid under the bunk until Matt told me not to. He said that's the first place they look. Matt is always looking out for me.