Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ick!!! Back On The Road. Vacation Over!

Whaaa... Are we back on the road already? Vacation over? Crap!

Yeah, it's over and I gotta go bumpty-bump all day long. Then whenever Matt has to idle the engine to charge up the battery things for the cooler and stuff, I gotta cool my jets in the kennel. Back to prison. That's what it feels like.

Last week we spent the night in Mississippi, the land of mosquitos, and Matt got bit about 50 times on his legs. Even in the truck with the doors shut, those little blood-suckers were flying around like they owned the place. Matt was clapping his hands in the air and killing them for hours. Still, when we went to bed, there were still a few wily ones flying around, too quickly for the clapping. I couldn't help because my specialty is in catching flies. Mosquitos just don't seem enticing to me. Go figure.

Yesterday Matt stopped at Wally-World and bought some OFF. Yeah, the bug spray for humans to spray on themselves. But Matt also sprayed it all over the truck. Later on that night I puked...likely from the vapors. But the mosquitos hidden in the nooks and crannies fell dead.

A few days ago I saw Laredo,TX for the first time. We didn't go too close to the border, but I got the gist of things when we went through the border-patrol stop. Lots of barking dogs and stern looks. Sure looks like those guys are working hard. I hid under the bunk until Matt told me not to. He said that's the first place they look. Matt is always looking out for me.


William said...

Hi Buster Kitty, nice to meet you. It seems like you lead a very exciting life, riding around in a truck with your friend. I found you on the cat blogosphere webpage. I'll add you to my follow list.


Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Just found your blog on Cat Blogosphere. Hope by now your human has all the bugs worked out of your new truck.

Our Uncle is a trucker too but he doesn't have a cat riding wif him. He's got six yappy little dogs and his wife. Poor man has no peace at all.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

hello, good buddy! we's pleased to meetcha!! our bean cousin, lowell, goes OTR, too, but he only has a stuffed bear for company. you is a brave kitteh, an' prolly very smart from learnin' about all the places you've seen. we hopes to visit you again soon--you're welcome to drop by our bloggie, but our mom's been lazy an' not posted much lately.

best fishes,

ed, nitro, xing lu, an' igmu sapa

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Yeah, we came from the CB too. We read a few of your posts and can't believe that Matt ate the WHOLE birthday cake and didn't share a crumb with you -- even though your name was on it too.

Harry Spotter said...

Hi Buster nice to meet you,what an exciting life you have on the road. You get to see so much of the world. The OFF sounded aweful and it made you sick but other than that you see to live the life of riley. Have a great trip.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Wow, yoo get to go riding around in one of dem big trucks all over da place? Zippy would like dat, she once drove mom's car into da garage door frame and din't even get in trouble! It helped dad to find dat der were carpenter ants making tunnels all over...well, we is following yoo now so we'll be back. Oh, and mommy sed to tell yoor manslave to try yoo on Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet food, we eat da green pea and duck kind because Speedy haf IBD (irritable bowel disease) and all da other foods make him vomit and haf ::whispers:: skwirty poops. We all like it and it haf made Speedy better and now Sadie don't clear da whole house when she does her bizness. Really, how da heck can one small lady cat stink like dat?