Sunday, July 18, 2010

Making Progress

It would appear that Matt has created a way to limit my chances of escape! He has instituted some sort of force-field, blocking my access to the button thingy that makes the see-through-wall-thingy go up and down. This vexes me an awful friggin' lot, and causes my teeth to strike together fiercely. But I am reassured that due to the bubble, tape, and velcro, he won't have to put me in the kennel in those all-too-frequent cases when the batteries run low at 4am and he has to start the truck to recharge them. The truck has been off at night because of some new human technolo-thingy that heats or cools the truck interior not requiring idling of the engine-like-object called the engine.

That white thing is just there to make my litter box smell better to Matt and any mechanics that sniff around looking for an excuse to have me removed for stinking up the truck.

It's nice not being stuck inside the little prison cell every night. But those batteries must be getting shot or going bad or something. Matt will check on that after I give him other work to do, like cleaning the poop out of my litter box, and cleaning up my vomit from mere moments ago, and taking the sticky-roller and going after my loose hair on the rug and seats and bed and his pillow. Since it got hotter I am shedding more.

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Anonymous said...

I forget what I was searching, but I ended up at your blog. Found it interesting and read a few of your old post when I came across this one. I drive a Volvo 670, and I take my dog on the road with me. Same thing with the buttons on the door, went in for a shower one day and left the blower for the dog. Well lucky me there was a long wait for a shower and I headed back to my truck because my dog had rolled down the window on the truck. Another problem I have is the air horn is on the steering wheel and my dog has a habit of using the wheel to get a better look out the window and sounds f the air horn as I'm walking away. I did the same type of thing, I used one of them microwave splater cover things and strap it to the steering wheel with a couple bungy cords. For the buttons on the doors I close my window blinds, this takes the option of trying to look out the window away and for the most part the windows stay up. A friend of mine also drives a 670 and left the truck running as he quickly cleaned his windows, well the dog decided to hit the door handle and locked him out... and because the doors are built so sound proof it took caa 2 hours to get in his truck. Anyways just thought I would share my experience with the same issue. Safe travels