Thursday, December 24, 2009

Our Last Christmas Together (Probably)

When people out in the trucking world walk up to you and ask you why you aren't blogging so much anymore, it's time to post something. Not that total strangers are really doing this, but it's fun to pretend...

Well, another Christmas will arrive in a few hours... This means very little to me personally, since Christmas is a human kinda thing. But often times it results in me getting a bunch of treats from my manservant. Please don't tell Matt I already know he's giving me "Happy Hips" treats this year. Lovely, lovely chicken jerky treats with glucosamine and condroyton for well-lubed joints, which come in handy when you spend your days in a moving vehicle.

It may well be our last Christmas together unless Matt can pull a juicy rabbit out of a hat. In spite of those incriminating emails exchanged by global warming scientists, it doesn't look like those idiot state legislators will change their stupid anti-idling laws for trucks, which, if they did would mean no APU's or trucks that have onboard heaters sensitive to pet dander. Please don't get me started on stupid, chicken-little humans...

Matt and I will do our best to enjoy our last Christmas together before he searches for a new home for me, and I come off the road at last. I will miss Matt dearly, but not the truck so much. There just isn't enough room in there for me to run around. Climbing things is fun, but it's like a large prison cell. And I think Matt will miss me, too, but not my litterbox or scratchpost which take up what little space we have.

Parting will mean starting a new chapter in both our lives, which is both exciting and scary. Will my new man (or woman) servant remember to medicate me twice daily? Will he or she even remember to feed me twice daily? Will they scoop the litter out of my litterbox frequently? Will they go "eeeewwwwww!!!" when I lick my butt? One can never tell what the future holds.