Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trash Of All Kinds At TA's These Days

Sure has been a while since Matt let me post on my own blog!!! He's been obsessed with the election and all, and then angry afterward. I really don't see what the fuss is about. The cat hater lost in the Dem primary, you know the one who gave the cat away to strangers when they didn't need him anymore.

Today we saw lots of trash! First when we woke up at the break of dawn, we looked over to this trash compactor and saw a mountain of trash. Matt asked the lady at the desk when he went in to shower why that was so. She said it broke that morning, yes just that morning (yeah right, look at that mountain) and that repair guys were coming to fix it. Well, we may go back through Oklahoma City to the TA truck stop and check on the progress.

Then we went to Ft. Worth, TX where Matt walked around in circles for a half hour in Cabela's parking lot (exercise or something) and then to Amarillo to another TA. Here we saw more trash. But this was in the form of 14 to 15 year old prostitutes knocking on truck doors and saying "hey baby, yah want some commercial company?" When they got to ours Matt shook his head "no" and they kept walking. Then Matt phoned the police after the girls climbed into a truck, and the police came. Now get this, there were two girls, kinda short, in this guy's truck and the police came and the trucker talked his way out of it. The cop didn't climb inside to search the sleeper compartment where the girls were probably hiding, but stood at the doorway and talked to the driver for a long time. Then the cop left. And the underage girls are still hookers. Go figure. Maybe they snuck out the side door when we weren't looking. But there sure was a lot of trash today.