Friday, August 2, 2013

A Ray of Hope?

Finally made it back home last night.  Matt had phoned the vet to move up my appointment time to last night at 6pm.  Made it just in time.

Dr. Ladyvet looked deep into my ears and saw pus in the right and a red, flat spot (perhaps not so polypy after all) in my left.  Then she stuck this Qtip thing in my right to clean out the glop, which was rather painful at times, and said she would taste it or something to see what it was.  Matt insists this was not so, but she'd look at it very closely to identify the bacteria.  She said it smelled like bacteria and not yeast, and that helped, I guess.

Then the lesser ladyvet came in and stuck my rump with a needle.  Matt says it's a Covenia injection and would help.  So back home with more pills (Clindamycin) and more ear drops (Baytril Otic) which actually felt comparatively soothing.  Then something strange happened....

I took a short nap when Matt went to bed, but then woke up and started roaming the apartment with a renewed energy.  There was a spring in my step.  A spring I hadn't felt in quite a while.  I wanted to explore places and open forbidden things.  Matt woke up and laughed, saying I might be getting better already.  Somewhere along the line I got sleepy again and found a place to flop.

This morning Matt noticed that I had less congestion in my sinuses that usual (I hardly expelled any snot when I sneezed from the nose spray), and that my right ear was a little improved:  some discharge but very little.

We're not proclaiming victory or anything like that yet.  But it would appear that I'm rallying at least.