Wednesday, August 25, 2010

iPhone Submerged And I'm In The Doghouse

Sorry for being away again for so long, but I was being punished for misbehaving a couple of weeks ago....

All I did was lay on the bed. That was all. I do it all the time when Matt's driving because the bumps are softer on me when I'm on the mattress. But this one time,...just this one time, Matt left something on the bed near my feet. It was located near the edge of the bed, so being a wee bit OCD, I beat it with my tail for a while...but it wouldn't move. So after a bit I started to nudge it with my back feet. It was small and black and kinda rubbery, like it had a skin of rubber or something. Then I realized Matt had left his iPhone there. So I kicked it harder until it fell off the edge.

I wasn't certain, but it seemed like I heard a small splash after it fell off the edge of the bed. "Oh no," I thought, "not my water dish!"

But sure enough, after about 86 miles of driving, Matt wondered aloud where his "&%$#" phone was, and pulled into the next rest area to find out. This was on I-77 just north of the North Carolina line, inside Virginia. He looked and looked for it while I stayed stationary on the bed, flopping my tail repeatedly as I do when I'm feeling anxious.

Finally he saw it laying face down in my water dish, half submerged in now undrinkable water. He got really angry, though I should have been the one who was angry since my water was now foul. He took it out, looked at me, then at the phone, then at me again, then he got angry. "No more blogging for a month!!!" he shouted.

So then he took the phone, dried it off on the outside, complained there was water underneath the glass front, tried to shake the water out, then toweled it dry again, then shut it off and put it away.

Two days later it worked as good as new, but I was still in the doghouse. But now I am allowed to blog once again because I apologized, and I caught two flies that were buzzing Matt.

Boy, those iPhones were built pretty good.