Thursday, October 25, 2007

Why I Will Never Live With A Dog

This proves once and for all that cats have been framed all these years by evil drooling dogs who run amok and wreak havoc...and...and...and and pretend to like you. Yeah. Cats don't do any of that. It's DOGS.... DOGS do that.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Steps Forward...One Step Backwards

This morning Matt spoke with a Dell rep in Oklahoma City who found the problem. Seems Matt had never upgraded to Explorer 7 and was still using the antiquated 6. While there must have been an update years ago for 6, that update is no longer available--therefore primitive fonts. Since upgrading to Explorer 7 the remaining problem has been corrected.

I also found out that Dell is expanding its tech support team in Oklahoma City in order to possibly reverse the outsourcing trend. If this is so then Matt could possibly be talked into buying another Dell some day. I can dream, can't I?

Good news from the good vet. The steroids that assuage my puking tendencies are available in ear-drop form. They will be mailed to Matt's PO Box early next week. And not a moment too soon. I puked yesterday morning and again moments ago. Feeling a little weak and dizzy. Must tread carefully in the truck while moving. Will try to talk Matt into buying me some baby food in the meantime.

No News Means I Don't Feel Like Reporting The Bad News

Much has happened since Sept. 30th. I caught a very bad cold. So bad I was sneezing this creamy junk all over Matt's windshield, Matt's chair, Matt's steering wheel, Matt's bed, and Matt. I was forced to choke down 16 pills in eight days to fight the virus, which lost the battle. I was well again.

Just then a virus (Trojan KillAV) broke through Symantec Norton's firewall and hijacked the control panel and reeked havoc utterly. There was great gnashing of teeth and tearing of clothing in anguish. Our files were laid waste and we were forced to format the entire hard drive. I guess Norton was out to lunch when Matt hit the "tech support" button. Even Dell wanted $150 for one day's work or $250 for a year's contract to fix the problem.

My solution was to re-download Windows XP, which Matt whole-heartedly agreed to do. It took almost 5 hours on the phone with the Dell tech support guy in India (who promised to call back and didn't), and then a 2nd call to Dell in the Phillipines to a nice lady who stayed on the phone the whole time. But there is still a problem. The fonts on every site we go to look very primitive---almost like the Pent 2 laptop Matt had in 1999, so he claims. Have re-downloaded Adobe 8 Reader and acrobat, along with Adobe Flashplayer---no change. Think maybe Dell sent Matt the wrong Drive disc to upload. Matt will look into that later.

To make matters even worse,...I went 17 days without puking, but now am starting again. The steroid shot worked but was only temporary. The good vet is looking into ear drops as a way to apply said steroids, and will mail them to Matt. Good. I'm sick of puking my cereal all over the rugs...and the bed...and the chair...and the dashboard...