Thursday, October 18, 2007

Two Steps Forward...One Step Backwards

This morning Matt spoke with a Dell rep in Oklahoma City who found the problem. Seems Matt had never upgraded to Explorer 7 and was still using the antiquated 6. While there must have been an update years ago for 6, that update is no longer available--therefore primitive fonts. Since upgrading to Explorer 7 the remaining problem has been corrected.

I also found out that Dell is expanding its tech support team in Oklahoma City in order to possibly reverse the outsourcing trend. If this is so then Matt could possibly be talked into buying another Dell some day. I can dream, can't I?

Good news from the good vet. The steroids that assuage my puking tendencies are available in ear-drop form. They will be mailed to Matt's PO Box early next week. And not a moment too soon. I puked yesterday morning and again moments ago. Feeling a little weak and dizzy. Must tread carefully in the truck while moving. Will try to talk Matt into buying me some baby food in the meantime.

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