Friday, May 15, 2015

Post Birthday Message

Here's an update…
Not the greatest exposure for me, but recently after my latest operation.

Since posting last whenever, I had two annoying moles appear on my left and right temples.  The one on my left, which you would see were it not for the fact it was removed, was raised while the other was newer and still flat.  To be cautious, prudent, scrupulous, surreptitious, and all that, Matt had them removed.

For a couple of weeks I had to wear that damned elizabethan collar, or "cone of shame."  And for two weeks more my stitches, which should've come undone and dissolved after several days, finally fell off.

I fear I have become a financial burden to Matt who threatens to sell me to a tennis racket factory which will harvest my organs for string, if I continue to be a "pain in the ass."

But he hasn't done so yet, as you can see from this latest posting.

I turned 13 years old (at least) in March.  The shelter in Easton, PA estimated my age at between 3 and 4 years, though every vet I've been to suggested that was a conservative estimate, including the very first one who estimated 4 to 6 years of age.  So in March I turned at least 13, though I could've turned 15 and a half.  Not bad for someone in my medical situation.

Matt's employer has once again allowed new pets to be brought into their trucks.  Yeah, that's great until the change their minds again 3 or 4 years down the road and everyone has to find new homes for their new pets.  Matt says I'll be the last pet he has in the truck, as he seems to think my poor health and truck life are related.  He might be right as far as it being rather drafty at times.  But I know I brought many of my issues with me through poor handling and heridity or herdidity or something.

By the way, those few of you who still follow my saga should know that when I finally scratch the bucket, Matt will post an R.I.P update on the blog.  So if you don't hear from me for a while it's NOT bad news.  It simply means we're busy, or Matt forgot the password again.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Starting My Tenth Year On The Road

Hello again!  It's still me.  Sorry my blogging has lapsed so badly, but Matt just doesn't find the time to post anymore what with all the driving he's doing all the time it seems.

Just had my annual physical in which I got all my shots and certificates- this makes Matt's employer happy with their newest pet policy.  Oh, did I fail to mention?  Now Matt's employer allows new pets again!  That is, until they change their minds…again.  I've been bouncing up and down on the dashboard and bunk bed since October 1st of 2005, with the occasional earned time off or vacation.  Just a way of life for me.  

Soon I'll hopefully get Matt to post some icky photos of where I licked off a skin tag from below my neck, or those ugly moles he had removed last year from my temple.  He might even allow me to write a review on the different kitty litters I've endured over the years.  Who knows?  But I'm sure anyone who still has an interest or the slightest curiosity about me…still….will love to see a recent photo.  I really don't look that different.  The brown is gone as I've gone back to pill form prednisolone, rather than the liquid.  I was starting to be mistaken for a chocolate bunny.  Not good.  But I'm beautifully black again…mostly….except for the white mittens on my feet, white throat, and white whiskers.  Also my white Hitler mustache, too.

I know I've been very lucky to have a servant like Matt to take care of me.  He's willing to spend all kinds of dough on my issues, no matter what they are, it seems.

Hope my readers, whose loyalty I've challenged by my continued absence, are doing well.