Saturday, September 1, 2007

Patience Patience Patience

BUSTER: Are you ready? Are you ready already??? (tapping paw repeatedly).

MATT: Almost,...I just gotta finish posting in YOUR blog.

BUSTER: (impatiently) It's almost noon! We were supposed to leave out at 8am! At least you remembered to feed me.

MATT: Okay, okay! Almost done.

BUSTER: (more impatiently) You've been on that stupid computer all morning! Don't you know it's Later Day weekend??? We could be killed if we have to rush through it.

MATT: That's Labor Day weekend. And we still have time. Don't sweat it, kitty. Hey, Fred's announcing next week!

BUSTER: He's another one! You two take forever to do anything.

MATT: Well, we both believe in doing things right! Remember? "not on their time schedule, but OURS!"

BUSTER: (sarcastically) Welllll,'s time to go NOW.

MATT: Yes,...I think you're right.......Hey, you know you moved up to "slithering reptile" on the TTLB ecosystem?

BUSTER: Oooh,....really? Cool, I guess. Does that mean more readers?

MATT: Well, it means more links...which mean more possibilities for people to be exposed to the possibility of clicking on said link to arrive here...

BUSTER: Hmmmm......ARE YOU READY NOW?!?!?!?

MATT: Almost,...just have to include something from You-Tube about Fred.

BUSTER: *Sigh*

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