Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Work Work Work...

After our little break at Bethlehem, PA, Matt got sick and got another day off. Guess he got tired of watching me barf so much he had to do his own little puke-fest.

When that was over we got stuck with another stupid load to Canada. It went rather well and uneventful for the first two miles or so, when we got pulled off the scale at their weigh station. The guy with the reflective vest came out and told Matt he was going to conduct "just a short inspection" and then we'd be off on our way.

It was no short inspection, but a full blown one, where the guy slid under the truck and inspected everything there...and then under the hood, ...and then made Matt pump the brake thingy,...and show all his paperwork that I played with earlier. Good thing I kept the important stuff in proper order. Matt can count on me. Then after about 45 minutes he let us go.

Since Matt and his truck passed this rigorous gauntlet successfully he got a sticker in the lower right windshield thingy that I bump my head on sometimes, and a sheet of paper saying he passed the inspection. Matt said that was worth 2 good safety points from his employer (a good thing, I guess) and $25 from them, too. So Canada this time wasn't too bad.

Then we went to upstate NY on a bunch of winding, hilly roads with sharp turns that turned my tummy upside down. So I puked. Matt wasn't happy. Then we sat forever getting our trailer loaded and drove over a multitude of steep mountains through PA, WV, VA, and NC before flatter land in SC and GA. Then drove up to North East Indiana,...much calmer. But now we're sitting in Amarillo, TX waiting for our hours to reset. Then off to Albuquerque, NM to deliver. All this in just over a week. That's truckin'.

Been so busy lately and haven't had the time to post here,...or on Matt's blog. We're just driving all day with just enough time to eat and sleep in between.

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