Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Sitting And Waiting

Thank God we ran out of Cat Lax. That stuff tasted like....well, dog spit...yes...that's it, DOG SPIT.

Now Matt's giving me something much better tasting called Laxatone, which is sweeter and goes down easy. No longer does Matt have to cleverly wipe the substance on my paws, forcing me to "clean" myself by lapping it up. Now I can't wait to lick it right off his finger every morning. And how regular I am these days, clockwork. No puking at all...well, mostly not.

Today we're sitting in Indiana, doing a 34 hour restart of our hours of service. That is, we cannot run anymore legally because we've run the limit. So we sit for 34 hours straight to re-set our hours to zero and then run like the wind tomorrow. Here are a couple of pics of me from moments ago.
You can hardly make me out in one, it's so dark. The other I have alien-eyes-syndrome. There is something about that laptop case I find appealing. But what's up with the bordello background? Matt, can't you get new curtains for your truck? Faded red is PINK!

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