Friday, September 28, 2007

Belly Shaved And Wallet Fleeced

Uuugggghhhhhh!!! Yesterday I spent hours...I mean several hours in that plastic prison cell...a kennel, Matt calls it...due to several mishaps.

It started when Matt and I pulled into a certain customer's facility (customer shall remain nameless), and got delayed. Then we drove a couple of hours to the terminal and then the hotel, where Matt was told our room was given to someone else (even though Matt reserved it with his credit card). Oops! So we drove down to Malvern, PA where we were put in the handicap room with a microwave 2 feet above the floor. Great for me, not for Matt.

That was yesterday. This morning we missed our Nissan service appointment to fix the blower thing in the car and couldn't get it rescheduled before we return to the road (in the truck). While at the vet (appointment rescheduled) this afternoon Matt spent $500.00+ so the vet could shave my belly and do an ultra-sound. They found nothing but bright light shining around the divider between my small and large intestines. No bezoars or anything at all in my stomach. No tumours or anything like that. Just shiny sphincters in my entrails, for which I received a steroid shot in the rear. Yeeoowww!!!! But fortunately I was gassed for most of this humiliating experience. Hopefully this will stop me from vomiting so often.

Now I'm relieved to be out of the truck after 5 hours today, driving from Malvern to Bethlehem, being man-handled, and driving back to Malvern. Good thing I fasted or there would be a terrific mess in that plastic prison cell.

Got to eat when we got to the hotel. Now all is peaceful again.

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