Friday, September 21, 2007

Fight The Good Fight...

BUSTER: Oh, yeah....gotta love that profile of mine!

MATT: Hmm, okay. But what are you doing on MY side of the truck? You plan on driving soon?

BUSTER: No, I was just waiting for YOU to come back from wherever you went. What do those two signs say, anyway?

MATT: Well, one says you blog for Fred Thompson. We,...actually. And the other warns people not to go near you for your nasty disposition.

BUSTER: That's not true! I'm very sociable and you know it. And what a poor likeness. I have more white on me than that. And what's with all the bug guts on the window? Couldn't you clean the windshield just for the picture?

MATT: Nope. All the squeegies were broken at the last fuel stop.

BUSTER: So where are we going now?

MATT: To Chattanooga....and then somewhere else...and then to Allentown-Bethlehem, but not before Ahmadinejad escapes from New York.

BUSTER: Who???

MATT: The Iranian know the whack-job who thinks the Holocaust didn't happen...and he wants to destroy Israel and the US. I was just saying we won't get to the greater NYC area before he leaves. I really wanted to go to the UN Building and shout insults at him as he comes and goes.

BUSTER: I see.

MATT: Plus, maybe I'd get to meet Pamela Geller. I'm sure she's be there with a whole gang to protest this Hitler-clown.

BUSTER: But why are you so worked up?

MATT: Buster,...just picture a big stinky dog pissing in your litter box...or better yet, your water dish!

BUSTER: Is he drooling too?

MATT: Yes he is!

BUSTER: (seething with anger) Oooooooh, I'd scratch him good! (swiping the air with open claws).

MATT: Good kitty! But we would try to be a little less violent with the Iranian President, even though he deserves to be scratched...and then some.

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