Saturday, September 8, 2007

Fundraising For Fred

Matt is taking a well deserved nap, while I fumble with the keyboard trying to figure out how to post a You Tube video of Fred Thompson. I'll see if I can find a new one for ya. Not that we're gonna be all Fred all the time....but since he has officially thrown his hat in we should get with the program.

You may have noticed that button on the right just above the blog archives. Yes, we're taking contributions for Fred! Of course we don't see one dime of that money...but if we raise enough dough for him Matt might get appointed to some patronage job like Secretary to the UN or ambassador to Cleveland....or something that would get us outa the truck. Sometimes it's just too much for me, being a cat and all...bouncing up and down on the dashboard. Hey, maybe Secretary of Transportation so Matt can fix those bumpy roads that make me vomit my cereal. There. Those are enough reasons to donate. All that and the war on terror and stuff. 'Cause we can't earn a living if our cities are blown up by angry Muslim extremists who want us to dress and pray like they do...and beat up on women and chop off limbs and stuff. So donate, okay?

MATT: Hey Buster!...Don't you think maybe you should be more positive when asking for donations?

BUSTER: No! This is working. I've raised $100 already! Look (pointing to totals).

MATT: Uh...that looks like the $100 I gave earlier this afternoon, bud.

BUSTER: Then what are you complaining about? It worked, see?

MATT: And what the heck is all this stuff about patronage jobs? Do you really think I'll be running the UN if we raise substantial money?

BUSTER: Yup! And I know you can't wait so you can have the building demolished and the auslanders sent home.

MATT: Oh...uh huh...... So which You Tube are you going to post? The 15 minute one?

BUSTER: Yeah, sure...why not? It's a little lengthy for a You Tube video, but not long at all for a speech. Besides, people gotta know why Fred got in.

MATT: True.

MATT: That's not the speech!!! That's a commercial from Australia.

BUSTER: Okay okay okay...okay. Uh...let me work on it.

MATT: Awwwwwwee...those meerkats are cuuuuute.

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