Monday, June 27, 2011

Hot Days and Cool Treats

Well, here you have it. NO! These aren't pictures of anything Matt did. Just something he and I saw a few VERY HOT days ago in Sanger, TX at a Walmart Distribution Center.

Apparently, some OTHER truck driver forgot how important it was to line up the trailer's landing gear with the cement landing PAD provided, especially when it's nearly 102 degrees outside and the trailer is loaded with heavy freight. It sank into the asphalt like a hot knife through butter.

It is known as a career ender, because some very heavy machinery will be required to lift the lowered end and put some sort of support under the gear so a bobtail truck can get under it and pull it on out of there. Also, now no one will hire the driver because he is uninsurable. How awful.

In other news,... the weeks following our vacation have been very productive indeed, as Matt and I have averaged over 2,900 miles each week. Unfortunately Matt has also gained 5 lbs during this same time frame.

Also, at a local vet Matt discovered several bags of Hill's prescription diet Hypoallergenic treats for sale, which he promptly purchased. They taste really great and not like diet or skim or anything like that. I look forward to them everyday, and best of all.... they don't make me puke!


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Dude, we hate to say it but...that was awesome! We never knew what would happen if the trailer was dropped on hot asphalt. It's good to hear from you again, sure hope the IRS gets your refund to you guys soon. Maybe Matt could retire then.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, dear, that's a big oops.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation.

Michelle said...

That's so cool that you have a passenger/pet as a companion that can "go to work with you". Great blog!