Wednesday, October 5, 2011

From Nevada To California To Washington State

Matt took a couple of pictures on our load (trip) out West. One is a burning mountain in Nevada, where the grass is very dry and catches fire quickly these days. The other is a rather ominous Mt. Shasta (?) or some mountain very near Mt. Shasta. Matt told me about a soda drink called Shasta from years ago. He said they had these commercials on TV where people blew the foam off their drinks into each other's faces, and that it was supposed to be funny. I'd scratch anyone who did that to me.


The Lee County Clowder said...

Oh, yess, It Hasta be Shasta. No idea how easy it is to find, but Shasta is still around.

Anonymous said...

Hey Buster,

Just a note to say hi. You don't know me. I came across your blog because I googled "Jane Fonda naked" one day. I saw a hot one, clicked it, and came to your blog. I love it! I've been a reader since.

Thanks for sharing your stories.


Kevin Gleeson said...

He's right about Jane Fonda. 3rd pic in on the Google picture search. That's funny!