Sunday, October 23, 2011

Svengali Vet

Earlier this week Matt took me to the......VET.... for my annual check-up, shots, documentation, smaller bill. Hmmm. It's a different vet than usual, and the trip was shorter (only 7 minutes by car, rather than 2 hours). Sometimes you just gotta try something new, I guess.

One reason it was cheaper is that there was no gas induction. I didn't have to be "put under" in order to be examined. You see, usually I get so riled up when I hear the dogs barking in the waiting area, and I smell their doggy stink, that I emit a long, low growl that gets everyone's attention, and when I'm taken into the examination room I refuse to leave my kennel. So Matt has to pick it up and gently dump me out of it, and I run to the corner of the room and hiss a lot. So the other vets had to give me a shot or put me in a small, clear box and gas me so I lay still while they poke, grope, insert (yeeooooww), and stick me with needles.

But this new Dr. was very patient and gentle and calmed me down with some kinda Svengali-like petting and talking to where I didn't feel threatened. She somehow checked my eyes, ears, throat, thyroid, back and belly, and even.... back there... without me scratching anyone. And she did all this in front of Matt. No taking me to the back room for unspeakable crimes and torture, everything was in plain view. Matt says she's our new vet from now on. Not that the last vet was so horrible. He wasn't. He was actually quite thorough, but too expensive for today's budget. So in spite of the fact he did me some good, it was time for a change. We even got a new pharmacist that compounded a bacon flavored prednisone at a third of the price of the old one. All in all it was a very successful trip, and I am quite happy. So is Matt.

Now if work would only start to pick up again....


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Psst, Buster, it's Speedy the mancat here...them lady vets, they're super! Ours even gets grumpy old Zippy to purr a tune. Glad everything is okay with you.

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

Yay!! Glad all your parts are doing well, and what a good vet!!
~ The Bunch

The Lee County Clowder said...

Glad to see you and Matt are still together and hanging in there.