Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Proof That Cats Have Feelings, Too.

I'd like to wish all a Happy New Year....

That rang kind of hollow, considering the video above. It's a cat trying to revive his friend shortly after it was hit by a car. And I felt the need to post that because of what I've heard some say about cats. It is the considered opinion of some that cats cannot feel love... that cats see humans only as a source of food and shelter, but nothing more... that cats are evil and have love for nothing or no one. As you can see above, that's not true.

Sure, we don't fetch newspapers or slippers like dogs do. But that's only because we are so impressed with human ingenuity that we don't think people need us to do that. Humans need to be touched and brushed up against. They need to touch us and stroke our fur and put scotch tape on our feet and slide us across a tile floor and then laugh. Hey, wait!

The point is...CATS HAVE FEELINGS, TOO!!!

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