Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pissed In Gary, IN

We were on the road for a couple of days and now we're stranded. Matt says this may happen more often because the truck is getting older. But this sucks. I gotta sit in the kennel because the morons at Freightliner in Gary, IN call their building a "pet free zone." Yeah, I think people in Gary, IN have bigger fish to fry than banning pets from buildings. Try cutting down on all those murders you guys have. And maybe give up doing those home invasions for a time. You might find the quality of life goes up a little more abruptly when you do that instead of banning pets from air conditioned refuges.

The starter has gone out again in the truck. We had to wait 3 hours for some guy from Gary, IN to drive 8 miles in a utility truck to South Holland at the Lincoln Oasis on I-80 to tell us that. Then he attached a chain to our front bumper and pulled us until the truck started. Now we sit at the Gary Freightliner and wait. Matt hasn't showered yet today...and it's kinda hot out. You can imagine he reeks like my litter box about now. And ohhhh...he's in a foul mood today. And mine isn't much better. And the day isn't even close to being over yet...


Wow, what a difference several hours make. Yes, we are still in Gary, IN and the Freightliner guys are still stupid, but we gots us a hotel room!!! Yeah!!! There is nothing quite like checking into a new place with different carpeting and different curtains and fixtures and other things to scratch! Oh yes! I am having fun here driving Matt crazy. Hey! he got a pizza. I'll try to kick it out of his hands. Ooop! Matt has picked me up and is putting me in my kennel.

BUSTER: Hey! Not so rough.

MATT: Do you know what a little ass you're making of yourself? Do you know I only got 3 hours of sleep last night and 5 the night before?

BUSTER: I wasn't counting...but it seemed like you didn't lay down and breathe heavily for very long.

MATT: No, I didn't. And this room! Eeeewww, the a whorehouse. They used way too much air freshener in here.

BUSTER: I don't notice. I've been licking my butt for the last hour.

MATT: Eewwwww.

BUSTER: No, really!...squeeky clean!!!


Hobo said...

Hi Buster
The food source tells me he knows just how you guys feel from his days on the road. Said something about spending a week in Cheyenne WY one weekend when something called the compressor blew up on his truck. He was lucky I was not there with him I would have kept him busy and not let him think about all the miles he could not run then. He said that he had a load already on the truck and ended up having to grab a co-driver for the rest of that trip. Then he still ended up doing most all the driving on the trip.

The Lee County Clowder said...


That last bit might be a little more information than we really needed, Buster. :-)