Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Health Breakthrough?

As of last Monday I am back on Pro Plan for breakfast and dinner. It seems that whenever Matt skips a month in giving me that spot on the back of my neck to kill fleas, ticks, and earmites, I stop puking so much. Every vet we’ve visited told us it couldn’t be the Revolution, that I would have thrown up right away and then stopped. But application of Revolution lasts 30 days, which is about how long my bout with vomiting lasts.

So now we’re trying to reinstitute the Pro Plan cereal back into my diet to see if I can handle that. If I can then Matt will try to wean me off the Prednisone, too. He’s still mixing the Hill’s allergen formula with Pro Plan, so I’m not sailing free yet. But been on it for eight days and no puking, so crossing my toes on this one. I’ve really missed the Pro Plan!


Omnibus Driver said...

Oh, Buster, what wonderful news! I'm sure you and Matt are very, very happy.

The Lee County Clowder said...

Have you tried Authority or Frontline Plus? They work as well or better for fleas and ticks, though they don't treat all the other stuff Revolution is supposed to treat.

Might be worth talking to your V*T about it, if you think Revolution is causing problems.

The Lee County Clowder said...

PS: Glad you get to stay with Matt. It is nice the company finally wised up.

Hobo said...

Great news Buster! I am glad that the company saw the light and let you guys stay together. I hope that you continue feel better and no vomiting any more. and I bet Matt is pretty happy about that too. You guys keep on truckin and I will catch you on the bounce around (not sure what that means but the food source told me to say it)