Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Technorati And Other Issues

BUSTER: So why the long face??? Oh sorry, you can't help that, can you.

MATT: Have you done time in the kennel lately?

BUSTER: Look, I didn't mean to offend. Don't get all thin-skinned and Obamma'd at me. I just wondered why you look so down.

MATT: I'm not down, just pissed off.

BUSTER: Okay, that's another thing. Are we saying piss now? Is that what we're doing?

MATT: Good point. I am vexed about Technorati rating St. Blogustine a mere 15. I've got 60 blog reactions on St. Blogustine and they still rate me that measly number. And I'm down from 20, which wasn't very high to begin with. I think it's a know, to rate St. Blogustine that low.

BUSTER: Really? They rated St. Blogustine too low? What a horrible thing to do to St. Blogustine! I mean, to St. Blogustine no doubt. But I wonder if mentioning your blog so many times in ONE post will change that rating.

MATT: I dunno. Maybe. I mean I guess it won't. Because then I could link almost every word to St. Blogustine without even mentioning the blog name. You know?

BUSTER: Hmm. Yeah, I see. But why bother?.....Let's talk about something else.

MATT: Like?

BUSTER: Like your new diet. Why are you feeding me less while YOU are on a diet?

MATT: I didn't realize I was doing that... You want more food? Sorry, stupid question.

BUSTER: Uh-huh. A little more cereal in that dish would help fill me out if you don't mind.

MATT: Okay, just try to keep it down. You puking.

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