Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary --- 3 Years And Counting

Today marks my third anniversary with Matt who adopted me from the SPCA in Easton, PA. Now it's called The Center For Animal Health And Welfare, and is still a NO KILL shelter. I am grateful to them for providing me a home from December of '04 until September 30, 2005 when Matt rescued me. But I would never wish to return. I had enough to eat and all that, but I had to spend most of my time in a cage with no one to pet me or throw me toys to play with. And some of the other cats were quite scary...you know, mental and stuff. Matt compares it to the island of lost toys...or something called Cuckoos Nest or something.

I never figured on being adopted by a trucker. It's a nonstop life of bouncing around, turning sharp, stopping abruptly, cramped quarters, and changing views. Though many of the views look like many others we've seen. We go home to an apartment nowadays. Used to be hotels. That was always interesting. But now I get to go home to the same place each time with a crow's nest to climb up into and huge windows to look out of.


Hobo said...

Congratulations on the 3 year anniversary Buster and Matt. The new trucks sound nice in someways but that no separate AC sounds crazy. You need that as much or more than the heater.

Anyway we are both glad that you guys seem to be staying together for a good long time.

Tell Matt to keep the shiny side up and hammer down.

Omnibus Driver said...

Happy, happy anniversary!