Saturday, September 6, 2008

Roller-Coaster Roads In PA

Matt and I have been very busy...driving. Matt does the driving and Not much to report these days.

Yesterday we drove down to Hanover, PA on hwy 94, which is a two-lane road. It has many steep hills which stop abruptly at the top and then slope down rather sharply. Needless to say, Matt hit a couple of them rather fast. Usually when we drive down there he hits the brakes just before the top. But on these two he waited until we crested the point and then he hit the brakes. I almost lost my breakfast all over his log book. According to Matt it was like Carl Mauldin in Streets Of San Francisco! Our wheels didn't even touch the ground on one of those flying leaps. The scenery was nice, though. Lots of fruit trees and orchards and the like, which all looked blurry to me for a bit...

We're going home soon so I can jump in my crow's nest and feel Matt.

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Omnibus Driver said...

Tell Matt I said to be careful. The hills in Pennsylvania are notoriously dangerous! (And don't be hauling any bananas.)