Saturday, May 1, 2010

I Escaped...For A Little While

I almost got away...for a time....on my own. But Matt knew my weaknesses!

I guess you already know we have a new truck. And like a anything new, it must be tested for weaknesses of its own to see if I can break out of it and run free!!!!

And I did.... for a short spell.

The freightliner cascadia has a few loopholes through which pets can flee, and I found one. The driver's seat, when raised to its driving height, offers space through which a cat or small dog can race under and out to be free free free!!!!...if the door is open for the driver to talk to a pedestrian. Or if the driver wants more fresh air than opening a window can avail.

I discovered this myself and dashed outside to the free air! And I ran and ran...until I heard Matt making smooching noises and shaking my jar of treats... Oh bliss! Treats!...for me!!! I ran back to him meowing and he grabbed me and stuck me back into the truck. He didn't even give me any treats. Yeah, see if that works again next time. We'll see.

Good thing I didn't get run over and squished. Now Matt has stuffed a large pillow under the seat so I can't see out and make my escape. I must find other ways. Yes. I must find them soon.


Omnibus Driver said...

Has Matt's heartbeat returned to normal yet?

Buster Kitty said...

No... he-heh