Monday, June 18, 2007

Back To Work, YOU!

Matt's Dad once told him that taking two weeks off work for vacation is like taking a nail out of your foot. But returning to work is like having to put the nail back in---the latter being worse than never having taken it out to begin with.

For me, a cat being chauffeured around the country in a semi, the only thing I have to worry about in returning to the road is vomiting. Yes, it is very hard to keep food down the way Matt drives: stop-n-go, swerve to the right/left, reverse until the trailer bangs into the dock, etc... So feeding me is a rather delicate operation. I won't say that licking my butt or eating ANYTHING that falls to the floor eg., paper, screws, paper clips, tooth picks, keys, notebooks, hammers,...doesn't contribute to an upset stomach, but feeding me the incorrect amount of food when I have a hairball about to erupt from my belly can cause quite a mess indeed. It is my cross to bear, and I do it without complaining. And I do love those treats he gives me that are supposed to get rid of hairballs, even though they NEVER work.

Matt says all I have to do is get my sea-legs back after being off for two weeks, and to stop licking my rear so much. When I suggested he do the same he got very upset with me and put me in the plastic kennel thing. Some people have no sense of humor.

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