Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Went Outside, Ate Grass,... Threw Up

Stopped through Oklahoma this past weekend. Got put back in the corner room again. It wasn't too bad---lots of things to investigate, but left alone a lot.

Some lady came in once and put my harness on. Then I walked her outside! That was great. There were lots of green growing things all over the place, and I ate as much of it as I could. She'd pull me back for some reason each time I tried to get a mouth-full, but I still got a stomach full of wild greenery. Almost escaped from my harness, too. Next time for sure. Later that night I threw up. But I know some of it stayed down, because I threw up again this morning. I sure love that green stuff.

Now I'm back in the truck waiting for Matt to feed me. He says it will be a while yet so my stomach can rest from all the puking. He says 36 hours or else I'll puke again. I don't think he knows anything. I'm gonna see if I can sneak some of that old cheese he tossed in the garbage this morning. It sure looked good. Ooooh! Is that a paperclip? No, just a mirage. I love paperclips and screws. They clank when they hit my stomach.

Watched DVD's with Matt last night. Saw Autofocus and then a Hogan's Heroes episode. Matt had a hard time watching Bob Crane in Hogans after seeing Autofocus again. He says now he only watches Hogans for Klink and Schultz. There were no cats in any of the episodes that I saw, but once there was this monkey... I drooled at the thought of eating him. Matt has assured me he'd be much larger in person and would probably eat me first. I assured Matt I would sneak up behind him and bludgeon him with something heavy, even though I have no opposable thumbs. Matt found that amusing. I didn't. I'm going to bed.


Marc said...

I remember hearing that dogs eat grass when they have worms to induce vomiting. And yes, Autofocus was disturbing.

Buster Kitty said...

I don't have worms! If I did, there would be worms squirming around in my puke. There were none.

The Revolution Blue stuff that Matt puts on my neck every month helps guard against stomach and heart worms, so I'm told.

Thanks for writing...and I'm sorry to hear about your dog. ;-(