Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Sick on Vacation

Uuuuuhggggghhh. Just threw up this morning and feeling awful. It really sucks being sick on my vacation. Not really sure what's wrong with me. Just kinda one of those vicious cycles, I guess. I know I ate some paper earlier this week. It looked tasty. I chewed on it. It didn't taste bad and I was hungry. So I swallowed it. Later that night I threw up after two weeks of no vomiting.

Then while Matt denied me my usual meals so my stomach could recuperate, I got kinda hungry and jumped onto the kitchen counter (Extended Stay America) and licked some tomato sauce that hardened. Then I lapped some dirty dishwater from a pan left in the sink. Next morning after Matt fed me I threw up again.

Then last night after I pestered Matt repeatedly for a taste of what he was eating---he called it Wensleydale cheese with bits of cranberries, I tried just a little bit. After all, Ferdinand eats cheese balls, so why can't I? I wretched and wretched again until the cheese came back up.

Then Matt took a chance, since I begged so much, and fed me again this morning. I puked it up less than a half hour later. Now I have to go without food until tomorrow night, and then only a little bit. I'll starve before then. Maybe if Matt goes to NYC today I can get the fridge open and tip over a beer or something. I saw more cheese in there...that would be awesome!
He already cleaned out my litter box this morning, so old poop is out of the question. He even hid my catnip toys so I wouldn't tear into them for the tasty catnip middle. So here I sit...waiting and waiting to eat again. *Sigh*

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