Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blogging For Fred

BUSTER: Matt! Matt! (jumping up and down cheering) I'M A SLIMY MOLLUSC!!! I'M A SLIMY MOLLUSC! (high-fiving Matt)

MATT: (high-fiving Buster) Good for you, Buster. What on earth are you talking about?

BUSTER: The TLB ecosystem! I've suddenly moved from multicellular microorganism to slimy mollusc. Do I have lungs yet?

MATT: I don't think so...not yet. (looking at blogrolls) Yes, I see you have lots of links now. Conservative Cat went ahead and put you on the cat lover blogroll.

BUSTER: (punching paw in the air) Yes!!!..... What's that other one?

MATT: Well, you have also been added to Blogs For Fred. Not sure how,... as you have never written a thing about him.

BUSTER: Will it move me up the ecosystem?

MATT: Uh...yes, it should make you a flippery fish by tomorrow.... They have gills....You're breathing water at this point.

BUSTER: Okay...okay. Breathing water. Okay, that's something...I guess. We gotta get more exposure! Are there other blogrolls I can join?

MATT: Whoa! Slow down. You need to know about this latest blogroll you joined. I think they put you on it because I'm on it.

BUSTER: You are?

MATT: Yes! Don't you read my blog anymore?

BUSTER: Been busy.

MATT: Hmmm. You need to know about Fred so you can actually blog for him. It wouldn't make sense to be on the blogroll and not mention him in your blog posts.

BUSTER: Yup. That's right. (long pause) ...So?.....Who is he?

MATT: He's running for President.


MATT: Yes!

BUSTER: I've seen him on TV.

MATT: Yes, he's on TV and has acted in several movies. He's also been a US Senator, US attorney, and co-chief council to the Senate Watergate Committee.

BUSTER: All that and a bag of hairball treats. Awesome! Does he like cats?

MATT: Uh...probably. I know he stands up for the unborn, voting against abortion whenever possible. He's by far the best conservative candidate for President out there.

BUSTER: Will I be the next Conservative Cat if I support him?

MATT: You are already supporting him. And yes, in a way. But you should let Ferdinand be Ferdinand and you be you. You are Truckin' Buster and that will never change...unless I get a different line of work.

BUSTER: A patronage job?

MATT: Shhh!

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