Thursday, July 19, 2007

Clever Fred

BUSTER: So now I'm...what?...a crawly something thingy?...

MATT: A crawly amphibian!

BUSTER: What the heck is that?

MATT: It means, according to the TTLB,'re a frog

BUSTER: (frowns)

MATT: But that's just one example. There are many MANY kinds of amphibians....Snakes, I think...

BUSTER: What's after that?

MATT: A slithering reptile! Wait....that's a snake.

BUSTER: Oh, great. How many do I need to get to be something cool?

MATT: Some think snakes are cool. But you need 110 links to be a flappy bird.

BUSTER: A WHAT???? You mean a dumb bird is the best I can do?

MATT: Well, for now...yes. It's a long slog uphill. I wouldn't worry about it. The most important thing is to gain an audience. You can do that by linking to others and by writing good material.

BUSTER: Ah! So it's YOUR fault. You're the one writing this thing.

MATT: Well, yes I am the one typing, but the writing is inspired by you, kitty. You need to get off your hairy butt and do something interesting.

BUSTER: You want me to dance? Is that it? I gotta dance for you? (stands up on hind legs)

MATT: No, just talk about relevant topics. Like on Laura Ingraham...they talked about dog fighting because of that football player involved in that.

BUSTER: (putting up his dukes) wanna fight? Huh? Huh? (starts shadow boxing while dancing on hind legs).

MATT: Very impressive.

BUSTER: (feigns a punch at Matt) Gotcha! I gotcha. Too quick for yah. Way too quick.

MATT: I dare you to actually hit me.

BUSTER: (quickly punches Matt three times: chin, nose, then forehead). Haaaaah!

MATT: (looking shocked but hardly reeling) Oh, you're asking for it. Try that again.

BUSTER: I got cat-like quickness....(punches Matt again on chin with right paw)...cause I'm the cat and you're NOT. (left hook to jaw).

MATT: Hey! (grabs Buster by scruff of neck) (speaking with German accent) Und now you ah going to zee coolah. (puts Buster in kennel).


MATT: You forgot to mention Fred Thompson.

BUSTER: (instantly calms down) Oh...when is he gonna announce?

MATT: Soon.

BUSTER: What's taking so long?

MATT: He will announce on his terms, not the Democrat's. The Dems have been planning attacks to coincide with the announcement. But since the announcement has been delayed, the Dems can't hold back the someone with a blurting problem. They can't keep their mouths shut to save their own necks. So their stuff comes out early and awkwardly AND gains no traction.

BUSTER: Clever Fred.

MATT: Yes, so far it's working. The Dems are off balance. And in my humble opinion...getting nervous.

BUSTER: So it was kinda like what we just did, except for the German accent.

MATT: Correct! And for that I'll let you out. (opens cage door)

BUSTER: (punches Matt in left eye)

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