Monday, November 26, 2007

Apartment Found

Oddly enough, Matt says he found us an apartment. You may remember his tale of apartment hunting last summer in which he was nearly swindled by several nefarious characters posing as landlords near Harrisburg, PA. Actually they were landlords, and very tricksy ones, too--

MATT: (interrupting) Yes, they were quite tricksy as you say. But I finally found one that appears to be above board, accepts cats, and makes things in general rather livable.

BUSTER: And I don't have to be declawed???

MATT: Nope!

BUSTER: When do we move in?

MATT: Middle of next month.

BUSTER: What city? Do you have pictures of the place? Do I get my own room? Does it have windows? Are there lots of mice and bugs for me to chase? I love flies. Are there lots of flies to catch?

MATT: Goodness! Uhm...I can't say the city. It's our business--no one else's. I don't have pictures, but they do...on line. But we'll look at those together, later. You remember the internet is like a large city...with lots of scary people who eat cats?

BUSTER: Koreans?

MATT: Yeah, them too. You won't get you own room. Neither will I. It's a studio, so it's rather small. But for something so small, the windows are rather large. We'll have three of them, so lots of light. There is a chocolate factory on the other side of town, so we'll have the aroma of chocolate most days. I know that doesn't mean that much to you.

BUSTER: No, it doesn't. Now a catnip factory...that would matter! Tell me more about the windows...

MATT: I didn't measure them, but they seemed to be about 3' wide and over 7 feet high. And there's a thick wire outside running left to right where birds like to perch.

BUSTER: (perking up) Birds? Crunchy birdses?

MATT: *sigh* Yes...have you been watching Lord of the Rings again?

BUSTER: I dunno.

MATT: There are no bugs that I saw, or flies either. And we're on the second floor just across from the elevator.


MATT: What?


MATT: Being across from the elevator?

BUSTER: Yup. Dumb.

MATT: Why?

BUSTER: Noise.

MATT: It won't be that bad. I have a noise maker on the way that creates white noise that will drown out the noise from the elevator while we're sleeping.

BUSTER: (shaking head) I won't even ask.

MATT: Good...don't.

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