Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vets Day

MATT: Know what today is?

BUSTER: Uh....Vet's Day?

MATT: Veterans Day, yes. And do you know the significance of that?

BUSTER: (worried) I have to go to the vet again?

MATT: (laughing) No. It's a day dedicated to-

BUSTER: (interrupting) (somewhat panicky) I HAVEN'T THROWN UP AT ALL. I FEEL FINE. HERE, (grabs Matt's hand, applies to Buster's nose) SEE? MY NOSE IS SLIGHTLY DAMP. THAT'S GOOD, RIGHT??? AND AND HERE, (applies Matt's hand to Buster's forehead) AND I DON'T HAVE A FEVER EITHER!

MATT: Calm down. I know you aren't sick. And your forehead isn't where we take your temperature, either.

BUSTER: *gasps* (backs away)

MATT: Will you relax, already?!? Veterans Day is a day honoring those who have served our country in uniform.

BUSTER: Like the guy in the car with flashing lights who pulled you over that one time?

MATT: No. Not unless he served in the United States Military at some time in his life. It's a day to honor those who made the sacrifice to serve, not only in time of war....but especially then, I guess. It started after the end of World War One....

BUSTER: (rolling eyes) we go...

MATT: Fine. I thought you wanted to know.

BUSTER: I just wanted to know that I wouldn't have to be...examined...again, that's all. The rest just doesn't interest me.

MATT: Would the loss of your freedom interest you? Or taking all those great things for granted each day? Would that interest you? What if you had to ask the government for permission each time we stayed in a hotel or crossed from one state line to another?

BUSTER: That would suck.

MATT: Veterans have insured our freedom for 231 years and counting by putting on the uniform and defending this nation from tyranny.

BUSTER: Okay okay. So what are we gonna do today?

MATT: Watch football.

BUSTER: That's it? No celebration? No parade?

MATT: It's kinda chilly outside. And I'm tired from yesterday.

BUSTER: But if it's as important as you say it is,....we gotta do something! We gotta show our support...or whose gonna put on the uniform and sacrifice again when it's needed?

MATT: Good point. Tell you what,...while I'm out today....if/when I see someone in uniform, I'll thank him or her for their service to our country.

BUSTER: You darn well better! And thank him for me, too.

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