Saturday, November 3, 2007

Rude Awakening!

BUSTER: So what the heck happened this morning?

MATT: Whaddya mean?

BUSTER: You know...around 2am when you were in bed...and the truck shook....and then shook again....and all that crunching noise.

MATT: Oh, that. Some rookie hit the truck.

BUSTER: Whaddya mean?

MATT: I mean that some sleepy, idiot truck driver with only 2 months experience felt too cocky to get out of his truck and look while he was backing into a spot next to us when he wasn't sure what he saw...or didn't see. And so he crunched the right front section of my truck's hood with the side of this trailer. And that's after he backed into my side mirror.

BUSTER: So he hit us twice, right?

MATT: Yeah. But he said he didn't realize he did it the first time....or the second. I had to get my pants on and run out there.

BUSTER: Yeah, I remember. I heard you shouting at him, "please stop hitting my truck, dammit!" Or something like that.

MATT: I didn't say "dammit"...did I?

BUSTER: I thought you did. So did he try to run off or weasel out of it?

MATT: No, he said he was sorry and cooperated fully. Nice change from some of those others.

BUSTER: Got a picture?

MATT: Let me check...yup, here it is.

BUSTER: Ooooh. That looks like crap.

MATT: Yeah, I was pretty upset. But I didn't call the police this time.

BUSTER: How come?

MATT: When I got my employer on the phone he asked to speak to the other guy and got him to admit fault. If he hadn't done that I'd have gotten a cop to do that.

BUSTER: But you said he apologized.

MATT: Yeah, they tend to do that at the time. But later on after the dust settles they start thinking about the precarious nature of their standing at their own job...and sometimes change their story. He might say it was me who hit him.

BUSTER: Well, I'm a witness. I heard him admit fault, too.

MATT: (laughing) Oh that's rich. Can you picture me taking you into court and setting you on the judges bench for you to testify? "Meow meow meow meeooow meow meeeeooow...etc"

BUSTER: (nose in air) Hmmmf! I think I'd make a very good impression...especially if the judge is female. And my meow is impeccable.

MATT: Yes, you're right about that.

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