Thursday, November 8, 2007


BUSTER: I fixed it!!! I fixed it!!! (pointing to damage on hood of truck)

MATT: (laying in sleeper birth) (waking up) Huh?? What?? You fixed...what?

BUSTER: I fixed the hood! I did it! Look! (pointing again with paw) Good as new! See?

MATT: (blankly) Duct tape?..... (to self) Red duct tape?

BUSTER: (proudly) YEAH! All fixed.

MATT: Hmmm. Yeah, you can hardly tell.... And the color...oh the color.


MATT:'s red. Just like the truck. Uh....(puzzled) How did you get out there, for one. And how did you tape it without opposable thumbs?

BUSTER: Steroids. You've been giving me steroids, and now I'm Super Kitty.

MATT: (glaringly) How did you get out?!?

BUSTER: (pointing at Matt) YOU left the wing open. So I squeezed out and fixed your hood for you.

MATT: Prednisolone in a transdermal form does not make you buff, Kitty.

BUSTER: Must be the Pro Plan then. I'm not throwing it up anymore, so I have more energy to spend.

MATT: Will it break your furry little heart if I have additional work done, you know, just to smooth it out a little?

BUSTER: Well frankly, I just don't see that as being...necessary. It looks great now.

MATT: Yes, it could fool anybody...until it rains.

BUSTER: It won't rain!

MATT: Well, actually it will, as it tends to do so in the Autumn.

BUSTER: Well...don't drive in the rain then. (nodding once firmly)

MATT: (resigned) Sure.

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