Thursday, November 1, 2007

Medication At Last

Okay, finally we made it back through that little town in PA where Matt has his PO Box. That means that finally I have my steroid medicine: Prednisolone in a transdermal form. That means Matt smears it in the inside flap of my ear. Good for me. I hate pills. I choke on them and they make me moody.

Hopefully this new med will keep me from puking so much. I dunno. The shot in the rump I got last month was supposed to last a whole month. It didn't. It only lasted 17 days...and then I started barfing again...and moaning and stuff. I hate being sick.

It's .05 ml, which on the syringe measuring thing is equal to one drop. Weird thing is that is comes out like a cream, not liquid. Anyway I do that twice daily for a week, then once daily for the next week, and then every other day for two weeks. I hope Matt is keeping track of all that because I can't due to my lack of time comprehension beyond a day. So I'll let the 320 lbs trucker be my doctor and let the litter box biscuits fall where they may.

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